1. 根据上海市疫情防控规定与9001rcc金沙登录考点要求,所有来校人员均需佩戴口罩,持身份证、准考证、随申码绿码、体温正常(低于37.3摄氏度);考生若无个人手机,请家长务必提前帮助考生注册随申码(需要家长先取得随身码,然后添加亲属信息,生成带有考生姓名的随申码),认真查看上海市当地的最新防疫政策要求。不能提供绿色随申码不可进入9001rcc金沙登录考点进行雅思考试。


2. 所有考生考试当天凭绿色随申码和48小时内核酸阴性报告进入考场。




3 考试当天考生需从学校东门入校(胜辛北路1661号),送考人员及车辆不得进入学校,请勿在校门口聚集或长时间等候。考试结束后不得在校园内停留,从学校北门离校(汇源路777号)。考虑到考试当天将进行查验、存包、检录等工作,考生在每场考试前应至少提前45分钟到达校门,至少提前30分钟到达考场,以便预留充足的时间完成考前各项准备工作(特别提醒:上午场笔试(AM)的考生须7:45前到达校门,8:00前到达儿童实训楼三楼考场,8:30后将禁止迟到考生入场。下午场笔试(PM)的考生须13:00前到达考场,13:30后将禁止迟到考生入场)。


4. 所有考生需在进入考场时签署《考生个人健康声明表》,承诺自第一个考试日起的前7天内未曾到过全国疫情中高风险地区。中华人民共和国中央人民政府疫情风险等级查询网址:http://bmfw.www.gov.cn/yqfxdjcx/index.html


5. 校内暂不提供餐饮服务,考生需自备午餐。


6. 考生可扫描下方二维码,提前查看校内考场路线,以便尽快抵达考场。











Notice on Epidemic Prevention and Control

IELTS Test Venue Tianhua College(SH_STHU)  


(Please read carefully, keep a hard copy, and strictly follow the instructions.)


 According to the COVID-19 prevention and control requirements, the epidemic prevention requirements of the IELTS Computer Test Venue of Shanghai Tianhua College(SH_STHU) are hereby formulated as follows (updated and implemented from January 5, 2023). Please understand and follow regulations as below:


1. According to the Shanghai epidemic prevention and control regulations and the requirements of Shanghai Normal University Tianhua College, all visitors should wear masks and have an ID card, admission ticket, green code, and their temperature must be normal (below 37.3 C). For those minors (under 18) without a personal mobile phone, please help candidates register to receive a registration code (parents get a personal code, then add family information, then generate a registration code with the candidate’s name), and carefully check the latest epidemic prevention policy in Shanghai. Candidates who cannot provide a green application code cannot enter the IELTS Test Venue Tianhua College.


2. All candidates will enter the test site withgreen application code and negative nucleic acid report within 48 hours on the test day.

 If you take the speaking test and the written test on the same day, after leaving the test site, you will still need to provide a negative nucleic acid test report taken within 48 hours before the second test.

 If the nucleic acid test provided by candidates on the same day have exceeded 48 hours, the nucleic acid certificate will not be recognized, and the candidates cannot enter the college to take the test. (Special reminder: ‘within 48 hours of nucleic acid negative certificate’ refers to the candidate’s nuclear acid test issued report time, and the time to enter the college is less than 48 hours.) The 48-hour nucleic acid sampling certificate cannot be used as the admission certificate. If the nucleic acid test result is not available at the time when entering the college, the candidates will not be able to enter the college to attend the test.


3. On the test day, candidates should enter Tianhua College from the east gate (No.1661, North Shengxin Road). None-candidates(parents, relatives etc.) and vehicles are not allowed to enter the college. Do not gather at the college gate or wait for a long time. After the test, the candidate shall not stay on the campus and should leave from the north gate (No.777 Huiyuan Road).Considering that the test day will involve an inspection, bag check, registration, etc, the candidates should arrive at least 45 minutes before each test, and should arrive at least 30 minutes in advance to the test room, in order to reserve enough time to complete the preparation before the test (special reminder: morning written test (AM) candidates must arrive at the College gate before 7:45, and at the 3rd floor of the Children Education Lab Building (Er’tong Shixun Lou) before 8:00, and candidates will be barred from admission at 8:30 with no late admissions. Candidates for the afternoon written test (PM) must arrive at the test room before 13:00, and the late candidates will be barred from admission after 13:30).


4. All candidates are required to sign a Candidate Declaration Form when entering the test room, promising they have not been to any medium or high Covid risk areas within the preceding 7 days from the test date. The Central People's Government of the People's Republic of China Epidemic risk level query website:



5. The school does not provide catering services, and candidates need to bring their own lunch.


6. Candidates can scan the QR code below to check the route to test room in advance so as to arrive at the test venue as quickly as possible.


If there is any change to the above measures, we will inform you in a timely manner.


Shanghai Normal University Tianhua College


 January 5, 2023


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